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As any good and bad knitter can tell you, FO means "finished object." And, the best way to jinx a good case of finish-itis is to blog about it. All of you suffering from that malady, please take note.

But, in my case, my run of finished items was halted for a good reason: my baby came home. Number One Son is a freshman at University of Nebraska. He somehow talked four Nebraskan friends into leaving after lectures on Friday and driving through the night to his humble home in Indiana.

Watch out, corn! There's a lot of hard work in these Cornhuskers.

Watch out, corn! There's a lot of hard work in these Cornhuskers.

Definitely a happy mom moment. So, although I didn't finish fiber things, I did cook a bunch, feed 14 and make three pies. 

He left at 9 on Sunday to drive all day and get back to the dorm. I was thankful for Daylight Savings, as he he gained an hour in all that craziness.


Looking forward to seeing him at Thanksgiving now!

New Love of Knitting magazine

In other news, I have a pattern in the most recent Love of Knitting magazine (winter 2017). It is a child's sweater with a wrapped stitch pattern.

copyright Interweave Press/F+W

copyright Interweave Press/F+W

It's called the Ruhnu Cropper Pullover, after the Ruhnu island in Estonia. 

It's super nice to have a pattern in a magazine carried in a local store (Kroger)! Here's the cover for this edition.

copyright Interweave Press/F+W

copyright Interweave Press/F+W

Just seeing this in print makes me feel like it's time to get some more submissions out there! Glad it's November. It's always a good month to knit.

Finished Objects

Before I talk to you about my other big teaching event last month, I want to share some of my finished objects with you.

In November, some people are committed to writing their first novel by writing a chunk each day (please see Others on social media are sharing one thing they are thankful for a day. Me? I have a nasty case of finish-itis.

This house is just packed with projects and piles of good intentions. Too many, too much. It's been getting to me, and as a result, I have been hammering away at the pile and getting some items finished and ready for their greater reward.

Today, I finished a hat and a bobbin lace pillow. The hat was made from handspun, trickily given to me by a nun friend of mine (long story). And the lace pillow was a wonderful project I started just last week with a lace expert friend of mine. 

We started with construction insulation, repurposed advertising foam board, poster board, a saw, bread knife and rasp, wool, flannel, needle and thread. 


Hmmm. I took a picture of the completed project and it has vanished. I guess I'll have to add it tomorrow. I am so glad to have this piece of equipment, though. A lace pillow is used to make bobbin lace, like what I viewed in Belgium this summer. The pattern is pinned to the center bolster and the bobbins full of fine thread are twisted left and right to make a specialized lace, as outlined by the pattern, or "prickings." 

I have an instructional book and I'm waiting for my bobbins that I ordered. And, of course, the final picture that proves I did this today...

Au revoir, Grand Marais

As we say "until we meet again" to Grand Marais, let's remember some of the beautiful things of the North Shore.


Great students in a wonderful workspace.

Moose viewing offshoot of Gunflint Trail

Moose viewing offshoot of Gunflint Trail

The trails and nature of the north.


Sunrises over Lake Superior, and the voyage of discovery that lies just outside your door.


Lastly, this image is the artist's wall in the main North House building. Last year, they put a call-out for any former teacher to make 6 x 6 inch square depicting a class that an artist has taught there sometime in the last 20 years. Isn't it beautiful?


Here's to 20 years more!