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"She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands..."

Laura Ricketts Designs is a personal and business website for Laura Ricketts, hand-knitwear designer, author, teacher, crafter, mother and wife.


Magazines, newspapers and books which contain my essays, articles or designs

“Sámi Knitting” and “Sámi Children’s Mittens” companion project. PieceWork. Jan/Feb 2013: 40 – 44. Print and digital media.

 "Comfort of a Friend Doll Shawl," "Comfort of a Friend Girl Shawl," "Buttoned, Banned Book Bag," What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit? Cooperative Press, April 2013.

"The Comfort of a Friend Woman Shawl, or the Cross-My-Heart/18-hour Shawl," companion piece to What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit? available through my on-line store.

Ricketts, L. 2013 'National Tragedy' The Rochester Sentinel , 17 April 2013, p 1.

 “The Language of Knitting,” BÁIKI: North American Sami Journal (spring 2013); editor, Faith Fjeld, said this edition was the most popular, in part due to my article

Cover photo, “Traditions in Knitting” and “Jukkasjarvi Mittens” Knitsy Magazine. Issue 10. June 2014. [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from Itunes.

Cover project and lead article “Edith Graham Mayo’s Duster with Irish Crochet Accents” and “Irish Crochet Cuffs to Make” companion project. Piecework. June/July 2014: 10 – 18. Print and digital media.

“Skolt Sami and Their Knitting Legacy,” and “Skolt Sámi Mittens” companion project. Knitting Traditions. Fall 2014: 30 – 38. Print and digital media.

Lead article “The Case of the Medieval Bras,” pattern “Lengberg Lace,” plus an additional article “Vicky’s Knickers or Queen Victoria’s Secret” in Nov/Dec 2014 Underwear issue of Piecework magazine. 

“A Brief History of Sami Enontekio Mittens” and “Enontekio Mittens” companion project. Knitsy Magazine. Issue 16. January 2015. [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from

“Norwegian Crown Prince Harald, His Sweater and His Escape from Nazi Invasion,” and “The King’s Sweater” companion project. PieceWork, Historical Knitting edition. Jan/Feb 2015. Print and digital media.

“Human Dignity and the 1884 Expedition of Prince Roland Bonaparte,” “Roman’s Sweater,” “Jeanne Baret’s Adventures and the Liberty Cap,” and “The Liberty Cap,” Knitting Traditions. Spring 2015. Print and digital media.

“Petard Pants,” and “ Raveled Sleeve of Care Bedjacket” (essays and patterns). Defarge Does Shakespeare. Ed. Heather Ordover. Lakewood, Ohio: Cooperative Press, Spring 2015. Print and digital media.

“Michigander Mittens,” Midwestern Knits. Allyson Dykhuizen and Carina Spencer, editors. August 2015. Print and digital media.

"Dame Alys," "The Pardoner's Mittens," and "Gone to the Chickens" articles and companion patterns in Defarge Goes Medieval,  Cooperative Press, upcoming Fall 2015. Print and digital media.

"Jokkmokk Winter Market" and "Karesuando Mittens." PieceWork, Winter Festival edition. Nov/Dec 2015.

Five Pattern ebook: Sámi Knitted Mittens. Interweave Press, winter 2015. Digital media.

"Christ Church Tam" and companion article. Knitting Traditions. Spring 2016. Print and digital media.

"Rosie Baby Bonnet" and companion article. PieceWork. May/June 2016. Print and digital media.

"Skate-Maria" and "The Red and the Black." Written in conjunction with Erika Nordvall Falck. PieceWork. Jan/Feb 2017. Print and digital media.

"Mary Card, Australian Crochet Designer" and "Mary Card's Filet-Crochet Café Curtain with Poppy Motif to Make." PieceWork. July/August 2017. Print and digital media.

"King's Road Cowl."  Love of Knitting magazine. Fall 2017. Print and digital media.

"Incognito Spats," and "Shebeke Tam." Knitting Traditions. Fall 2017. Print and digital media.

"Ruhnu Cropped Pullover." Love of Knitting magazine. Winter 2017. Print and digital media.

"Skolt Saami Socks from Inari." PieceWork. Jan/Feb 2018. Print and digital media.

"How to Tie a Traditional Thirty-three Knot Eastern Orthodox Prayer Rope," with accompanying project. PieceWork. March/April 2018. Print and digital media.

"Color," Love of Knitting article. Spring 2018. Digital media.

"To Market, To Market Bag." Love of Crochet. Spring 2018. Digital media.

“Winter Winds hat,” Interweave Knits Gift magazine, Winter 2019. Print and digital.

“Notre Dame Beret,” PieceWork magazine, Nov/Dec 2019. Print and digital. Upcoming.