Laura Ricketts Designs

"She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands..."

Laura Ricketts Designs is a personal and business website for Laura Ricketts, hand-knitwear designer, author, teacher, crafter, mother and wife.

Click the following links to take you to the shops that sell my work:

At Cooperative Press   - with the What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit?, Defarge Does Shakespeare, and Defarge Gets Medieval books

At Interweave through their back issues or individual patterns sold, or for my Sami Mittens ebook

At The Loopy Ewe - Click "Patterns" and, then "Laura Ricketts Designs" or enter these search words in the search box

At Patternfish - Click "Shop" and enter "Laura Ricketts" in the search box

At Ravelry  

My recent releases, are found through the websites and links above:

Annika (hat)

Arjeplog Rosettes (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Birch Leaves (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Boat's Bow (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Checks and Balances (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Comfort of a Friend Woman's Shawl

Constance (hat)

False Entrelac from Jukkasjärvi (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

King's Sweater (child's traditional Norwegian sweater)

Jokkmokk Flowers (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Jukkasjärvi Diamonds (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Mittens from Enontekiö (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Per Kuhmunen's Mittens (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Porjus Mittens (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Puffball Beret (hat)

Skaite-Maria: Out of the Grey (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Skaite-Maria: The Red and the Black (Sámi Knitted Mitten)

Wavy Gravy Man (hat, mittens and scarf set)

Wavy Gravy Woman (hat, fingerless mittens and cowl set)

Beauties From the Far North: Swedish Sámi Knitted Mittens, compilation of 8 patterns (found only on Ravelry)