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"She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands..."

Laura Ricketts Designs is a personal and business website for Laura Ricketts, hand-knitwear designer, author, teacher, crafter, mother and wife.

Working along

I wrote a post Monday, and the system crashed twice and lost it. Another page lost my Christmas card as well.  This post shall be short, but I will make up for the newsy, lost post another time.

Last week was completely consumed with a low-gauge, cotton crochet project, which I am happy to say, is just hours from completion. Monday, after the computer glitches, I grabbed some wool and cast on a project.  And, not just any project; I cast on a project I was not writing, and one that was in my ravelry queue. This equates to a NO THOUGHT PROJECT, and IN WOOL.  What a luxurious comfort!

I finished it last night. And while, yes, I did alter the pattern ( shortened the body so it fit more closely, flared the neck at the end and added the bobbles at the cast off), it was brainless, brainless, brainless. And, a joy.