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Math4Knitters Podcast

Today the podcast I recorded with Math4Knitters podcaster Lara Neel went live. You can find the link to the audio here along with the show notes.

It was a very pleasant chat, and, while I knew she was from Oklahoma, I didn't know it was right near where my husband grew up! He had almost even attended the same high school she went to. We shared an interest in bison meat and environmental interest. I was able to direct her to some of the ecological issues in NE Indiana and the early 1900s literary great from that region, Gene Stratton Porter. Any of you read The Girl From Limberlost? In our school system the kids read Where the Wild Fern Grows in fourth grade, connected to their Indiana History unit. Warning: these stories are bittersweet, kind of in the same genre as The Yearling.

Most of all, I waxed poetic on my search for Sámi mittens and some of their unique features I have discovered over the past few years. I talk of a variety of ways to knit color work, and speak of my upcoming trip to Minneapolis because of their Sámi exhibit. All information can be found in her show notes.

All in all, I had a very enjoyable, informative time, and now I can't wait to go back to Tulsa and see the art deco there! Please tell me what you thought of the podcast -- I'd love to hear your feedback.