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Welcome back

It's been too long since I posted on the blog, but, let's face it, the last post is hard to follow up.  Nothing doing, but bring the bar down a bit and just keep writing.

Last weekend, I had a trip to Canada.  I attended university in Montreal, at McGill, many years ago.  Twenty-two years ago, in fact, I graduated.  That year I boarded with Canon and Mrs. C in their home, attached to the Montreal Diocesan Theological College, and right across the street from McGill's engineering a geological studies buildings.  You may well ask, what was it like living with a Canon?  It was a blast.

Fast forward twenty-two years.  I'm still in contact with both the Cs, but now I call them Liz and Tony.   My other housemate at the time, Val, is also an Anglican minister, and lives in the same town as the Cs. This past January, the C's eldest son died of brain cancer.  Nine days before his death, Liz found out she has several spots of cancer on her liver which had metastacized from her colon. This trip was to see them all, and see how she's doing, and, if necesary, say goodbye.

What a lovely, poignant visit it was. Kingston, Ontario is a beautiful town, well positioned at the NE corner of Lake Ontario near the Thousand Islands.  Queens University is in town, and several of the homes of John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister. Kingston is well situated economically, too, with two prisons, a mall, and two yarn shops.  A nice balance of reality.

On the trip, I found out luggage racks make excellent swift holders.

Winding yarn for my  Comfort of A Friend Shawl Knit-along .  Please join us!

Winding yarn for my Comfort of A Friend Shawl Knit-along.  Please join us!

I partook of Tim Horton's.  Often.  It turned out I had to rely on their free wifi for internet access, and I still had problems connecting.  

Tim Horton's.  It's a great thing, eh.

Tim Horton's.  It's a great thing, eh.

I wandered through shops...

And saw some appropriate items...

And saw some appropriate items...

The Cs and I went to see the play The Vigil.  It was a two-person play starring Brett Christopher and Carolyn Hetherington about an older lady declining and dying and an annoying nephew who has moved in to "help."  An uncomfortable subject in the present circumstances, perhaps?  Liz laughed through it, and Tony almost slept.  The play certainly didn't pull punches. I enjoyed the acting talents of the two stars.  Carolyn knitted constantly throughout the play.  Lever style.  I'm sure you wanted to know that.

before the show

before the show