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Laura Ricketts Designs is a personal and business website for Laura Ricketts, hand-knitwear designer, author, teacher, crafter, mother and wife.

We Interrupt This Blog to Announce...

It's heeeeeere!

The book has been released!  To say it, makes it sound like it is a wild ravenous bear.  Perhaps the keeper left the barred door unlocked -- by mistake -- and the bear escaped without notice.  This is the way it feels, too.  I've been tending these essays and patterns for a year, and been tending to migraines the last couple days.  The last few days have also been spent fending emails, tweets and fb notifications.  And all to this effect:   It's here.

What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?—It's Here! »

If you've pre-ordered—the eVersion will arrive in your inbox later today.* If you haven't ordered yet there are release day goodies and discounts to entice you, but only until 3pm EDT on Saturday (of ...

Until 3pm EST Saturday, free goodies will arrive with the download.  After that time, they will disappear.  The chief goody is another of my patterns, The Comfort of a Friend Woman Shawl, also called the Cross-My-Heart/18-hour Shawl.  Starting April 16, I am leading a Knit-Along with this Shawl, and YOU, if you will join me!