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A sweater done

While in Kingston, Ontario, I worked on a cardigan made out of Kauni sweater I have had in pieces for some time.  The knitting is worked in two directions: the bodice is knit side-to-side around the body, then stitches are picked up in front and back and knit up and joined at the shoulder.  The arms are knit from the cuff to the shoulder and added on separately. Both the body and the sleeves have square tops.

The difficulty began in joining the pieces.  The picture on the pattern had the woman happily smiling in a finished sweater, but it didn't show exactly how the square-topped arms fit into the bodice.  

I put it into time out, you know, to teach it a lesson. I counted rows on the arms and armholes.  The number of stitches along the top of the arm matched the number of rows along the side of the armhole on the bodice.  It should have been an easy fit, but, unlike a normal drop-sleeve silhouette, these sleeves are inset. How was the armpit area to be attached to the sleeve? I could pull the sleeve top to curve around for the 1-2 inches under the arm, or, I could sew them directly in.  What would I do with the underarm area?

The time out worked.  I ran the scenario over in my mind and ended up keeping the bottom sleeve open, sewing the sleeve to both side of the vest, joining the armpit area to the bottom of the sleeve, and then seaming the sleeve together after that.  

I really like the sweater! However, because of the way I joined the sleeve onto the arm, I have lost 1 - 2 inches off each sleeve. I now need to cut off the cuff/cast-on edge, pick up the stitches and knit down just a tad more.