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Twisted PDX in Portland, Oregon

Two days before I taught at the Nordic Knitting conference, I drove down to Portland and taught at Twisted, PDX. What a great store! One owner, Emily, hails from Bloomington, Indiana.

Twisted PDX

I have been to Portland at least twice before, but it has been quite a long time. Never had I been to a knitting store there. Portland is an amazing fiber mecca.

It also is a great town for donuts. I am not what I would call a donut connoisseur, but I live with one and have come to appreciate a fine bit of fried bread. Portland has not one, but two famous donut establishments. 

Voodoo Donuts is one. For those familiar with the Seattle landmark of Archie McPhee's, Voodoo donuts is kind of a blend of that with a good bit of sugar, dough and sprinkles.

The magic is in the hole

The magic is in the hole

Their signature donut is in the shape of a person, with a frosting face and belly button. It is filled with cherry glaze and served stabbed through the "heart" with a pretzel rod.

photo 3-3 copy.JPG

I got him with my 2.5 mm double points. And, if that didn't do it, Sarah, in whose house I was staying, finished him off with her teeth. In October, you can never be too sure about these Voodoo things.

Tomorrow, more about my Portland class, students, and the other bakery. Good night, all!