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On to Kautokeino

It's been a busy week here in Lake Wobegon. The past day was filled with computer dawdling -- doing things I don't like or understand for the greater good of the business. I separated my work Facebook account, and made a new twitter feed.  Please check them out.  On FB I'm Laura Ricketts Designs, and on twitter I'm Laura Ricketts @LRickettsDesign. 

It's amazing that it takes a few lines to write that, but all day to pull off (and, I'm not even sure it's done correctly). 

Meanwhile, knitting and charting continues on.  Saturday, MARCH FIRST, we had freezing rain, and about 4 inches of snow on top of that. Snow and swim meets mean more knitting time.  I finished a lovely Finnish mitten, and started a Swedish one in the same day.  I hope to someday get the second one done.

If I pick up my Fall travel saga where I left off, I believe I stranded all of you readers in Alta, Norway.  I was only there two nights. I was in a lovely little campsite just South of town on the road to Kautokeino and Karasjok, but it was there, in the City of Northern Lights, that I saw my first northern lights.  So beautiful and magical, and surprisingly, very difficult to photograph. For this, I have only my memories.

Early in the morning, I awoke, ate breakfast, and then went through the books I had checked out from the Sámi National Parliament building in Karasjok.  I am a proud card carrying member, and thanks to librarian Kåre Balto, I was able to check out books on the duodji from Karasjok, and return them to the Kautokeino Sámi school.


About 10, I packed up the rental car, and began my drive South to Kautokeino. The road follows the Alta river through a beautiful narrow gorge. At the Karasjok/Kautokeino road, I turned right and went through some high, desert like country, stopped off to see the small village of Máze, and then onto Kautokeino.


I had arrived!