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"She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands..."

Laura Ricketts Designs is a personal and business website for Laura Ricketts, hand-knitwear designer, author, teacher, crafter, mother and wife.

New Laura Ricketts ravelry group

I keep plugging away at knitting mittens, tweaking patterns, being mom, and wrestling the computer. I can't say I'm not learning multiple things a day!

Today I set up a Laura Ricketts ravelry group on the Ravelry website. If you are a crafter and don't belong to Ravelry, where in the world have you been? Go on over there. Now. Go on (you can open a separate window…)! It is a wonderful storehouse for all things pertaining to yarn, patterns, and yarn people.

Type "Laura Ricketts" into the search bar, and join my group while you are over there. Please say, "hi!"