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Getting my stuff together

I have been busy combing through the seven to nine Sámi mitten patterns for my upcoming ebook, Beauties From the Far North: Swedish Sámi Mittens. Today, if the light holds, I'll take some final pictures. Tomorrow, I take off for Minneapolis!

Friday at 3pm, I will be lecturing on The Sámi Knitting Tradition at Finnfest 2014. It's hard to believe it has been a year since the kids and I trekked north for Finnfest. What a great time! The festival was very well put together, with lots of choir concerts, teaching seminars, and historical overviews. My kids attended a  Finnish language workshop and baked Finnish bread. I, of course, demonstrated Sámi mittens in the craft area, and got my photo taken with a Moomin.

On Saturday, I will be teaching my Skolt Sámi Motifs class at Ingebretsen's. Ingebretsen's is a delightful Scandinavian store on the city's near-south side. It carries everything from Norwegian yarn to lutefisk, and, of course, beautiful home decor.

While my family was visiting my parents in South Carolina, the delightful Denise interviewed me. Here is her write-up from the interview. 

If you are a Minnesotan reading this, I hope to meet you, soon!