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"Where my patterns at?"

So, another thing that happened over winter break was the VATmess.

VAT, or value added tax, is a very real part of most sales in many countries, and is another form of divvying up taxes and getting money to governments. Nothing new there. The "news" is that the European Union is implementing VAT on all digital purchases, not only from within the EU, but outside the EU as well.

What this means, is that those who sell digital programs, join a virtual game or group, provide an internet service, pdf, or anything that requires paid access online are supposed to collect value added tax appropriate to the country from which the buyer comes, and then, make sure it gets to the proper country's government. The EU is made up of 28 different and individual nations, altogether with over 80 different rates of taxation. It ranges from little Luxembourg, coming in at a 3% tax, to Sweden at 25%. This is a monumental request, and a monumental undertaking.

It has also effected all my friends and colleagues in the pattern industry. First of all, when you are selling to an email, it is hard to know what country the buyer comes from.  Even if I knew, I can not change my pattern shopping cart to properly charge over 80 different taxation rates. As a consequence, most everyone is shutting down their digital sales area, like I have on this website. 

All my patterns are still available at, and on However, if you are from the EU, you may no longer purchase from Ravelry. Instead, the UK design website www.Love will be carrying all my patterns. I uploaded them all near January 1, but, bless them! They are slammed with many, many patterns to add to their website. Therefore, the finished and approved patterns will slowly filter on. 

I have checked a couple times, and about four patterns of mine were uploaded, but there was some information missing. I corrected it, and it went back in the queue to be approved.

Please show thanks and support for both Ravelry and Love Knitting for finding a legal solution to this… VATmess but going over and checking out the sites. If you are in the States, start out the New Year by purchasing one of my patterns and learning something new. If you are from the EU, please check out Love Knitting, and make a purchase there.

Thanks again for all your support in my business!