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Journey to the Twin Cities

The next day I got a tour of North House, got an excellent coffee at the Java Moose, and explored town a bit. Around noon, I bought some food at the grocery and took off south.

Clear sailing all the way. I stopped in Two Harbors to get another coffee and saw the beautiful lighthouse. I also passed the original 3M location. Did any of you not living in Minnesota know that 3M began on the North Shore? It stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company. The mining part failed, but sandpaper came through for them. It is now on the S&P 500 and located in Maplewood, MN.

I had never been on the road between Duluth and St. Paul before. I was surprised that there was not much between them. I was very thankful for at least one turn off. The gas station in this small... town(?) had a couple restaurants, and,

you know, a meat raffle. I guess it is hunting season.

I got down to where I was staying in good time on Tuesday. My first teaching gig was Wednesday night at Ingebretsen's. So, Wednesday during the day I drove down to Rochester, Minnesota to Mayo Clinic. Our dear friend Sara had been rushed over from South Bend, Indiana in an ambulance a few days earlier. Thankfully, she did not require further surgery, and I was able to visit with her and her husband Paul and a day later they left for home.

I was also able to visit with (a statue of) my great-grandmother, Edith Graham Mayo. This statue of her is in the courtyard of St. Mary's hospital. My dad's cousin, Mayo Koiiman, created and cast it.

One other stop was at my favorite kitchen store in the area: Ace hardware. There, I was reassured that I was, indeed, in the land of Nordic immigrants.

Side-by-side were the following: lefse turners, Krumkake electric makers, rosette wands (with extra heads), and... Nordic ware!