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The Spring Knitting Traditions magazine, 2015

The following was in my email box this morning. It is so much fun to see my work emailed back to me! 

Of the following pictures, I designed the fisherman sweater (on the cover) and the red, white and blue liberty cap. Both are easy projects, but fulfilling to knit and wear. I encourage you to follow the links, check out the issue and order it today!

Travel from the South Pole to the North Pole with Knitting Traditions Spring 2015View in browser »

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21 Knitting Projects from Around the World

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NEW! Knitting Traditions Spring 2015

Welcome to the Amazing Adventures edition of Knitting Traditions! It's all about explorers and adventurers--some were attempting to reach the North or the South Pole, others to circumnavigate the globe. Not all of them were men. 

Join Angharad Thomas as she examines the exploits of a number of famous explorers, including Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton. You will learn about explorer Josephine Peary who traveled with her husband, Robert Peary, to the Arctic in 1891. Travel back in time with Jackie Ronne who became the first American woman to reach Antarctica, with knitting needles and yarn in tow. 

And then there is the simply incredible Jeanne Baret. This brave woman circumnavigated the globe during a sixteen-month journey. Many other compelling stories and twenty-one stand-out projects-socks, sweaters, mittens and gloves, hats and balaclava, a scarf, and a shawl-await you.

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