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Michigander Mittens

I'm super excited to give a little drum roll to my next knitting pattern out...

Michigander Mittens by Laura Ricketts

Michigander Mittens by Laura Ricketts

Meet Michigander Mittens! I grew up in Michigan -- outside of Allegan to be exact -- and it is such a joy to have spent my formative years in a state shaped like a mitten.

There are plenty of Michigan-map potholders available for retail, but I'm the mitten lady. Where were the map mittens of Michigan? You can't find them, either? Never fear: I made my own. In August they will be available via the Midwestern Knits book, available for preorder HERE. Marvelous!

On one side is the map. On the other side is the state motto -- in Latin on one palm and in English on the other: Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice / If you seek a pleasant peninsula look about you. We learned it in fourth grade. Did you, fellow Michiganders?

This knit is done in a Michigan yarn, Stonehedge Fiber's Shepherd's Wool, and it does get a little tricky with all the color changes back and forth between the Beach and Frosty Blue yarns. The tricky part is just being mindful to twist the two yarns together every 5 stitches or so to keep the stranding inside from getting too long. That could bring about a risk of pulling one of them. But, with a little mindful knitting, you, too, could be safe with your stranding and sporting these snazzy accessories next winter.

Make them in your favorite Michigan sports team's colors! Put an X on where you were born. Or, live now. Or, have a cabin. Or, once caught a really big fish.

Michigander Mittens by Laura Ricketts, closeup

Michigander Mittens by Laura Ricketts, closeup

Then, you just tell them: I'm from here!