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Michigan Fiber Festival 2015

Last Thursday, I packed up the little VW and headed to my dear friend Jennie's house. Her darling daughter was home from her summer adventures attending a linguistic school at the University of North Dakota's campus and was zipping through on her way to her last semester of college. 

I got to have dinner with them (and Todd, and Claudia). Delicious, home-grown, grass-fed chicken raised by their family. Then, the two of us packed up and headed to Plainwell, Michigan, home to Plainwell Ice Cream. We were prepared for Michigan Fiber Festival the next day.

By golly, look at our back-up singers!

By golly, look at our back-up singers!

Friday dawned bright and early, and promised to be a warm and sultry August day. A brief shower in the night supplied extra humidity to the great outdoors. I supplied handouts, a slide show and know-how, and my lovely students provided the warmth and enthusiasm I've come to expect with fiber students!

The Skolt Sami Class

By afternoon, the day had heated up so much that I was very glad to be working with cotton, not wool. My Irish Crochet class was super fun. Students brought their own cotton yarn and our roses, leaves and stamens bloomed in a lovely array of color.

Irish roses abloom

Irish roses abloom

I crawled off to the car (thank you Maggie for helping carry the teaching stuff!), and Jennie drove me back to Indiana. Thank you so much, Jennie! Because of my suspect health, I would not have been able to do the drive and teach without you! And, thank you, everyone at Michigan Fiber Festival, the organizers, volunteers, market sellers and students for a great MFF 2015. So glad to have been a part of it!