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Sheep Heid

This past week has been a busy one, and emotional. I've started on the road to recovery after a long illness this summer. Besides finishing a small project and mailing it off and going through tech edits on another submission to a book, I decided to knit something I DIDN'T write the pattern for. It is definitely more relaxing!

So, how do I relax, you ask? I pulled out a kit I bought at The Trading Post in Pendleton, Indiana about three years ago of Kate Davies' Sheep Heid Tam. Susan is a wonderful store owner -- very knowledgable about all things fiber, and she has great rovings and yarn. About once a year she imports some incredible teacher and has a weekend spin and knit event. 

Here is the Sheep Heid tam in progress:

It is constructed with a lovely palette of natural Shetland wool colors (Jamieson yarns), and receives its name from the row of sheep around the crown and the rams with curling horns on the top of the hat.

I blocked it over a plate.

That is what makes the typical "tam" shape, instead of a floppy hat. The natural wool is so obliging! It remembers the shape long after it is dry.

I'm pretty glad to add this lovely Scottish hat to my winter accessories!