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This is the way it's supposed to be

My last post was about a knit of indeterminable length, and most of it painfully tedious. Today, I post a picture of The Way It's Supposed To Be.

This hat took four days of non-intensive knitting. It would have been much shorter, but it is double thick. That means, it is basically two hats, joined at the brim, and fully reversible. For interested parties, the yarn is Ewe Ewe Yarns: Ewe So Sporty and the pattern is of my own making.

The dark side

The dark side

It was given to a child who was eagerly excited to receive it. He asked each of the four days, "Is it done, yet?!" He has worn it ever since I gave it to him and hasn't lost it yet (it's been about 12 hours and he hasn't left the house).

It was knit for him, because he rejoiced over the knitted dinosaur I gave him for Christmas. Really.  Told outside sources it was his favorite present.

I fully realize, this must be the peak of my knitting career in my family. Never before have two knitted projects in a row been eagerly received AND worn. Always before my children have melted away from the room, discarding items while muttering phrases like, "it itches." But, I'll enjoy this 12 hours while it's happening. And, you know? It's nice up here on the mountaintop!