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Finished Objects

Before I talk to you about my other big teaching event last month, I want to share some of my finished objects with you.

In November, some people are committed to writing their first novel by writing a chunk each day (please see Others on social media are sharing one thing they are thankful for a day. Me? I have a nasty case of finish-itis.

This house is just packed with projects and piles of good intentions. Too many, too much. It's been getting to me, and as a result, I have been hammering away at the pile and getting some items finished and ready for their greater reward.

Today, I finished a hat and a bobbin lace pillow. The hat was made from handspun, trickily given to me by a nun friend of mine (long story). And the lace pillow was a wonderful project I started just last week with a lace expert friend of mine. 

We started with construction insulation, repurposed advertising foam board, poster board, a saw, bread knife and rasp, wool, flannel, needle and thread. 


Hmmm. I took a picture of the completed project and it has vanished. I guess I'll have to add it tomorrow. I am so glad to have this piece of equipment, though. A lace pillow is used to make bobbin lace, like what I viewed in Belgium this summer. The pattern is pinned to the center bolster and the bobbins full of fine thread are twisted left and right to make a specialized lace, as outlined by the pattern, or "prickings." 

I have an instructional book and I'm waiting for my bobbins that I ordered. And, of course, the final picture that proves I did this today...