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Another magazine in the mail

The recent PieceWork came in the mail. It, too, has one of my projects as well as a companion article in it. (If you click the link above, it will take you to a digital version of the magazine.)

The current July/August  PieceWork  magazine. My article is inside.

The current July/August PieceWork magazine. My article is inside.

Inside is an article I wrote about the Australian crocheter and designer, Mary Card. I really appreciate her artistry in the many designs she made, and her incredible courage when she moved to new continents, first to the US and then to England during WWII. She was a single woman and moved seeking career advances in the designs and crochet business.

Poppies breakfast curtains

Poppies breakfast curtains

The curtains I designed and crocheted for the project were an amalgamation of two of her designs -- a poppies crochet piece for a hand towel, and the background for another piece.

My thoughts were also with the various centennial anniversaries of WWI -- or the war to end all wars. This is especially poignant since my family visited Flanders Fields just two weeks ago.

In Belgium

In Belgium

I have made two of these curtains, now, and they brighten my breakfast area at home.