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Czech Glass Buttons

Christmas and New Years are over, and I am currently working on a “me” project of a garter-stitch, top down cardigan. I need nine buttons for it. As I stitched away, I remembered some lovely single buttons I purchased from a yarn store I love in England. I rooted around in my sewing cabinet, and — voila! Czech glass buttons!


I bought these dragonfly buttons a long time ago when I was considering knitting a Kauni, multi-colored cardigan and was thinking through button choices then. Still thinking, although years have passed.

After I pulled these delightful singles out, I got online and looked up that yarn store again. They have since moved to Ireland and gotten rid of a lot of button stock, but I put in a new order and got a few more Czech glass buttons. Here are some of my new treasures.


The buttons in the first and third image are quite large — between 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. They would be great as a clasp on a lace shawl. These others…?

Some of the dragonfly buttons I am thinking of collecting and using all of them on a single garment. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the buttons needed for a maroon garter-stitch cardigan! But, isn’t that the way it goes?