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Twelfth Night Spin

This has been a summer of spinning.

I am a part of several regional spinning groups, in one way or another. One group meets at MoonTree Studios, an outreach of the Center at Donaldson and the Poor Handmaids of Christ. On Twelfth Night (the 12th night after Christmas) we meet and exchange fiber. By midsummer we are all supposed to have spun it, and by the next Twelfth Night, we are supposed to have created something.

I received eight one ounce bits of fiber — various types and preparations. I spun three in one ply and three in another and plied them together. The other two I spun, but the colors didn’t go with these as well.

Here’s the finished skein.

And, a close up…

And, a close up…

Now, I’m searching Ravelry for a shawl pattern for this. I kind of know what I want. I sure hope I find it, because I don’t have time to write one now.