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Book in review

There have been a variety of reviews for What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit? going up on podcasts and websites.  

I just read this one this morning:

Holity's review

As well, editor Heather Ordover was interviewed on the Ready Set Knit podcast for Webs, America's Yarnstore and it went live just this past Saturday.  Here is a link:

She is on show 310, for those not reading this in real time.  It is also accessed via iTunes podcast platform.

This week, I am finishing some braiding on Sámi mitten cuffs, taking some pictures and writing an article for BÁIKI The North American Sami Journal. Last week was enormously busy with the first week of baseball, opening day for softball, and a multiple meets for track.  All three kids have their own sports for this season!

Track ends this week, and training for the sprint triathlon begins in earnest.  I am so thankful the weather has been cooperating and encouraging us all to get out more!

I also finished knitting a Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur for the youngest.  I (re)taught him to knit a couple weeks ago.  Just days later we were at a knit shop and he spotted a Knitted Dinosaur book by Tina Barrett.  How is a mom to say no to such a request?  Perhaps I should have, as it quickly evolved into him telling me how and when I would knit ALL the dinosaurs for him!

I did not agree to that, but we did pick out the colors for his Quetzy, and knitted it up. It has flapped its way into his heart.


fluffy wing "feathers"

fluffy wing "feathers"

Just hangin' out.

Just hangin' out.

Super Quetzy!

Super Quetzy!