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Christmas was a good time last month. I tried to limit my handmade gifts in order to enjoy the season more. But, I still worked on a pair of socks for my honey.

I got this snazzy sock yarn from Steve Be's in Minneapolis, all because of the name of the color line. Ready? "These are the Droids you are looking for." Who could resist that? I even knit on it while watching the new Star Wars movie in a theatre just before Christmas. 

Unfortunately, the colors ran with the first washing. :(

I also made a large collection of knitted, spinning angels for my local spin group's gift exchange.

I made 12 in all, in 10 different patterns. Each of the skirts, bodices and wings are different. It was the first time I had starched a project and it was all very fun! Each angel is spinning some camel/silk blended roving. Heavenly!

The family and I went to Chicago a couple days before Christmas. Here is our obligatory photo with the silver bean in Millennium Park. (I guess it's actually called Cloud Gate.)

Happy Christmas from us all!